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  • Why is cloud right for my business?

    Customers are already migrating to the cloud. Let the trend escape you, and you’ll be left behind. On the other hand, cloud UC can keep your business profitable for years to come. Cloud UC is flexible, offering tailored solutions that customers can purchase à la carte, mixing and matching to fit their budget. And, you’ll reap the ongoing relationships and steady income stream that come with UCaaS.

  • Why Mitel?

    Mitel brings almost half a century of communications experience to the table. Enabling more than two-billion communications each day, from phone calls to video chats, Mitel offers cloud and on-site phone systems, collaboration platforms, and call-center solutions for every size business.

  • Why Mitel for cloud?

    Mitel has a long history of building top-of-the-line technology solutions for every industry. The cloud lets Mitel put these forward-thinking solutions in front of your customers faster. Cloud platforms, backed by Mitel’s premier hardware, are reliable, scalable, and, above all, nimble. Mitel cloud solutions are designed to take your customers into the future.

  • What cloud services does Mitel host?

  • What is the transition process like for on-site UC customers?

    Mitel wants to help you make each customer’s transition to cloud as easy as possible! Once customers are ready to migrate from UC to UCaaS, Mitel’s implementation team works closely with them—designing the build to ensure that every “i” is dotted and “t” crossed—so system migration is quick, numbers are ported, and no interruption of service is experienced.

  • How does Mitel cloud licensing work?

    Mitel’s cloud licenses are managed per user, per seat, to let you offer all the flexibility a modern business requires! Your customers can combine different levels of licensing to fit the needs of their staff.

  • Does a Mitel cloud customer need to purchase Mitel telephony hardware?

    Mitel’s cloud solutions are supported by Mitel’s industry-leading phones and devices*. Mitel cloud platforms allow customers to bring their own devices, making them especially agile. However, Mitel cloud solutions work best when supported by Mitel’s phones and devices.
    *MiCloud requires Mitel phones

  • Why ScanSource and Mitel?

    A technology services provider with more than 25 years of supporting resellers like you, ScanSource has developed its reputation as a reliable partner by putting your business first, every time. Our product-management and sales teams are ready to advise you via phone or email. And we take back-office functions, such as marketing support, off your hands, while offering training and strategic visioning to you and your employees.

  • What resources does ScanSource offer?

    From certification to pre- and post-sale support to troubleshooting and upgrades, ScanSource has services to support you throughout long, productive customer relationships. A few of our services include:

    • Inventory management
    • Financial services
    • Marketing assistance
    • Technical support
    • Customer service
  • How can I get started with ScanSource?

    Reach out to a dedicated onboarding specialist today by emailing

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