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BarTender - A Trusted Software For Creating and Automating Labels, Barcodes, and More:

BarTender software transforms information into the labels, barcodes, RFID tags, smartcards, packing slips, and pallet labels that drive business. International enterprises trust their production lines to BarTender—so do hundreds of thousands of smaller businesses around the world. BarTender helps our customers improve safety, security, efficiency, and compliance through:

Easy, powerful design
Get started quickly, reduce costs, and stay agile when requirements and regulations change by combining similar designs into one dynamic Intelligent TemplateTM.

Fast, accurate printing on demand
Connect to almost any printer without learning complex printer languages and eliminate the waste and delays of outsourced label printing.

Comprehensive control
Manage and secure your entire design and printing system, whether it's in a single location or distributed around the world.

Straightforward integration
Automatically print the latest, most accurate information from your current databases and business systems without expensive extra connectors.

Legendary technical support
Get expert assistance when you need it.