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ZIVELO’s mission is to revolutionize the way brands use technology to interact with their consumers on-premises and in the physical world. Founded in 2008, ZIVELO has rapidly grown to become a leading self-service technology brand—offering a sleek and sophisticated product design, intuitive user experience, and cutting-edge modular hardware solutions. ZIVELO prides itself on a deeply consultative approach and— when coupled with world-class hardware, software, services, and financing options—this makes them a true, full-service solutions provider. Plus, ZIVELO’s experience successfully deploying tens of thousands of self-service solutions to some of the biggest brands in the world across multiple, key industries means it can guide any business to exceed its goals when implementing self-service solutions. ZIVELO kiosks are human-centered, delivering ergonomically designed, public computing solutions that are carefully designed inside and out to engage visitors in truly immersive experiences. The systems also are future friendly with sleek, modular designs that allow for easy, on-site maintenance and future upgradeability as technology evolves. Plus dedication to the use of commercial-grade materials increases durability—bringing down total cost of ownership and increasing ROI exponentially over the years. ZIVELO is headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, with offices in San Francisco and Seattle.